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Choosing an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

When building your dream outdoor space, no backyard is complete without ceiling fans to cool you off and keep the bugs away during those hot Florida days. Outdoor ceiling fans should have UL Damp rating or UL Wet rating. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories. Choose UL Damp rating for fans that will be installed in covered locations with no direct contact with the elements. Choose UL Wet rating for fans that will be exposed to outdoor elements like heavy down poor. Here are a few more things you should consider when choosing the perfect outdoor fan:

Are the blades ABS plastic? In the ceiling fan industry, ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is also known as All-weather Blade System. This type of plastic is designed to endure rain, snow, humidity and other elements of nature. Never choose a fan with wooden blades. They will retain water causing them to weaken and warp – making the fan wobble.

If you’re looking for an outdoor fan that’s easy to clean, choose the UL Wet rating. Because these fans can be exposed to the elements, you can clean the blades by hosing them down with any outdoor hose without worrying about damaging the motor.

Do you live near the ocean? If so, definitely choose the UL Wet rated outdoor ceiling fan. The ocean breeze brings with it salt water, which can corrode parts of your fan.  

The higher quality ceiling fans have larger motors and will keep you cooler during the hot Northeast Florida days. It also helps keep pesky bugs like mosquitoes away.

Never install indoor ceiling fans outside. It will only result in warped blades, fire, shock, rust and a shortened product life.

A variety to choose from. Gone are the days of outdoor ceiling fans coming in only industrial styles. Now, you can choose from carved leaf blades, sail clothe material, silver chalk, brushed nickel, bamboo, bronze and much more.

Custom lighting is another thing to look for when choosing your outdoor fan. Most fans come with a wide variety of lights including downlights, candelabra, halogen light with acid etched glass, incandescent fluorescent, multiple bulbs and much more.

For those with a tight budget. Look at tabletop and freestanding outdoor fans. They may not be much cheaper in price, but will save a lot when it comes to installation.