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Green Schemes creates landscape plans for beautiful sustainable gardens in the Jacksonville area.  Owned by Florida Certified Landscape Designer Laurie Prescott, Green Schemes has been doing business in Jacksonville for over 25 years.  We will work with you to design a dream landscape that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Each design is tailored to the homeowner’needs and wishes. Specialty gardens such as butterfly, native or water gardens are really special. Hardscape design makes fences, decks,  arbors and paver, brick or concrete patios easy.  Planting designs put the right plant in the right place.  Residential landscape renovation is our specialty, so if it's a jungle out there we can tame it!  For more information about Green Schemes of Jacksonville please visit www.greenschemesjacksonville.com


The Best Backyard Apps

Backyard Activities Guide 

A great App for parents wanting to spend time with their kids in the great outdoors. Well, the backyard, at least. Learn about backyard campouts, building a tree house, the best outdoor snacks and other popular backyard activities. This App is $2.99

Audubon Wildflowers: Florida                        

Your essential guide to 624 flowers in the Sunshine State. Features in-depth information on appearance, range, flowering and habit. Complete with professional color photography of each flower. This outdoor App from the National Audubon Society Field Guides is downloadable, so you can access it even without an internet connection. This App is $4.99

Grill Guide                                                           

Not sure how long to cook that pork chop on the grill? Wondering if there’s an easier way to barbeque swordfish? The Grill Guide is the perfect App for any outdoor chef. It features seven different food groups (poultry, red meat, fish – even fruit), a meat ruler and time and temperature guide. This App is $0.99

ePlans Outdoor Furniture                                     

Architect designed, this free App is a simple yet clever way to build your own outdoor furniture. Take the attached “Materials List” to your local supply store and have them cut the wood to the dimensions provided. Then take the pieces home and follow the “Step-by-Step Assembly.” A must have for the weekend warrior! This App is FREE

Pool Calculator                                                

Do you have a hard time figuring out the correct calculations for your swimming pool’s chemistry? Then this App is for you. Calculations include chlorine, raising and lowering pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and more. This App is $4.99


This backyard App is a calculator designed to help you achieve an optimal mix of nitrogen and carbon with your household composter. Just input the number of pounds of food waste and/or grass clippings (nitrogen source) and then select from dry leaves or newspaper (carbon source) and the App will calculate how many pounds you will need to achieve the optimal ratio of nitrogen and carbon. This App is $1.99

Sod/Seed Estimate                                                

Easy and quick App to estimate how much sod or seed needed to cover a given area. Perfect for your next backyard project, or for a landscaper that does these calculations often. This App is $0.99


New Products from Harmony Outdoor Living

When transforming your outdoor space into a place to relax and entertain, you want to enhance the already existing natural surroundings of your North Florida backyard – not have it stick out like a sore thumb. The folks at Harmony Outdoor Living (brought to you through Belgard Pavers), a leading US manufacturer of functional modular hardscape elements, understand this. Their motto, “Creation Begins With The Elements,” markets to an outdoor experience in your own backyard. This unique company designs fire pits, grill islands, brick ovens, wet bars – even mailboxes – all to coincide with Mother Nature. And the best part is that they come to you already put together, making it easy to customize with cabinets and columns.

Oldcastle Coastal, a local hardscape company with an extensive outdoor showroom and design center located on Soutel Drive, offers a knowledgeable staff to help you decide which Harmony products best suit your personalized outdoor experience. “The only limitation is what’s in your mind and your imagination!” says Mike Costello, accounts manager for Oldcastle. “These products are designed with flexibility for a high-end experience.” Costello explains that with the economy the way it is today, people aren’t able to take vacations like they used to, “So why not make your home rival a five star hotel and go on vacation every weekend?”

Harmony Outdoor Living has a slew of new products to offer the savvy consumer:

The Bristol Collection: tumbled block featuring Arbel and Urbana accents with a rustic look that blends well with any landscape. The Bristol offers everything from water features to grill islands to pillar-planters.  

The Wexford Collection: a combination of tumbled block and Old World accents. The Wexford offers a rugged, yet defined, appearance that will look at home in any surrounding with fire tables, brick ovens and even a matching mailbox.

The Nottingham Collection: this collection incorporates an impressive array of BelAir Wall and tumbled brick accents that offers a stately and elegant appearance. The Nottingham has available everything from wood boxes to a 36” wood (with impressive chimney) OR gas fireplace with coordinating hearth.

Harmony Outdoor Living also offers the Brighton Fireplace Series, a more affordable fireplace set with less detail than the other three collections, and the Euro Fireplace Series, a four-piece set that includes a 48” firebox with gas burner and caters to customers with a European flair.