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Green Schemes creates landscape plans for beautiful sustainable gardens in the Jacksonville area.  Owned by Florida Certified Landscape Designer Laurie Prescott, Green Schemes has been doing business in Jacksonville for over 25 years.  We will work with you to design a dream landscape that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Each design is tailored to the homeowner’needs and wishes. Specialty gardens such as butterfly, native or water gardens are really special. Hardscape design makes fences, decks,  arbors and paver, brick or concrete patios easy.  Planting designs put the right plant in the right place.  Residential landscape renovation is our specialty, so if it's a jungle out there we can tame it!  For more information about Green Schemes of Jacksonville please visit www.greenschemesjacksonville.com


Hiring a Landscape Professional in Jacksonville

Landscape designers and landscape architects offer a full range of services including consultation, design, installation and maintenance to name a few. Many different companies operate very differently and there is no industry wide standard for what to expect.

First, start by considering what you need or have in mind as far as level of service. Are you a do it your self-er who just needs a little creative advice? It often pays to consult a professional- even though you might be budget minded, a landscape designer can help you make the best use of your budget, often saving you money in the end. The right person will be able to help you develop a functional landscape that will grow more substantial over time and give you long term enjoyment for many years. Helping you select lower maintenance and native plants can also save you time, maintenance cost, and conserve water.

Are you more interested in keeping your hands clean? Some landscape design firms will have an installation arm that will carry out the plan from start to finish.They will keep an overall plan of the project to include irrigation planning, sodding, mulching, and every aspect of your design or re-design from start to finish.

Once you have decided to hire a landscape business, you typically begin with several interviews; this is where you have a chance to talk about your overall goals, visions, design objectives and the overall aesthetics. That is typically where the landscape designer or architect will take photos of the area draw a plat plan, and gain an overall understanding of the size of the work area, orientation to the sun, easements, septic fields, proximity to neighbors and the architectural style of your home. You may discuss landscape designs, landscape plans, permitting issues and cost estimates. Its important for you to be able to convey your needs through conversation, magazine clippings, or photos of things you like, giving an ideas of your style. You can also discuss the level of creativity you want them to bring to the project- in other words, how much you want them to add to or modify your vision.

After you have chosen your landscape or hardscape professional- You will then begin working on the scope of your project, phasing, scheduling, coordination, selection of all materials and construction methods, and project cost. Once you have approved all of the items above, the landscape company you have selected can begin the installation.

The fees for these services vary for each landscape business; sometimes charged as a percentage of the total cost of the work for the project, sometimes an hourly design fee or consultation fee, or in some cases there is no charge for the design when you are working directly with an installation company, especially common in the hardscape business.

Maintenance can be the most imperative ongoing service to insure that your asset develops into a mature and beautiful outdoor environment. A landscape company will normally include proper trimming of plant material and mowing of all yard areas. They should have a methodical feeding program that boosts the varying plant health of tropical, acidic and seasonal color plants. The feeding program may also include spring and fall aeration of lawn areas with the application of fall rye grass.


Garden Edging and Weed Barriers

After spending a significant amount of time planting and cultivating your garden you obviously do not want it overrun by weeds. Unfortunately, by definition weeds are very hearty and can overgrow a garden in no time at all. Of course, if you are like most people you simply do not have the time to wage an ongoing battle against weed encroachment into your garden. Therefore, you will want to examine what options are available to you today when it comes to garden edging and weed barriers.

If you are like many individuals you may prefer natural garden edging and weed barriers. Long gone are the days when your only meaningful options for garden edging and weed barriers were aluminum or plastic strips. Indeed, today you can utilize everything from rocks to different types of mulches and a wide array of different types of products in between.

The primary consideration that you do want to keep in mind when it comes to selecting garden edging or a weed barrier is the importance of making certain that any edging or barrier harmonizes with the garden itself. In other words, you do not want garden edging or a weed barrier to distract from the beauty of the garden itself. In short, you not only can have necessary functionality when it comes to edging and barriers for your garden but you can make use of attractive alternatives as well. You can both protect and enhance your garden by selecting the most appropriate types of edging and barrier.

Of course, if you are like most people in the world today you need to pay close attention to your bottom line. Even when it comes to your garden related spending, you likely now find yourself on a tight budget. The fact that you do not want to spend an arm and a leg on edging and barriers does not prevent you from being able to obtain the very best when it comes to these types of materials.

As mentioned previously, you actually can make use of rocks (properly placed and anchored) as effective – and highly attractive – garden edging and weed barriers. And, in the end, you can obtain precisely the rock you need in order to construct such an edging and barrier for not cost at all. A simple rock hunt can provide you the edging that you need to make the most of your garden ... not only today but into the future as well.