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Marsh Landing Paver Driveway Renovation by Moderna

This is a project recognized by many as it is located on Marsh Landing Parkway, right inside the North entrance of the Marsh Landing community in Ponte Vedra Beach FL. This project features a large brick paver driveway with a 3 car side entry garage, a separate pavered turn around area that surrounds a newly planted oak tree, and a large winding path leading up to the front entry. The project also included landscaping, outdoor lighting, yard sculpting and grading, and irrigation relocation and rezoning. 

The paver driveway leading off Marsh Landing Parkway

The pavers used are Tremron's Mega Olde Towne style. The color is Olde Chicago- with blends of Terra-cotta, subtle Yellows, Grey, and Browns. This project is approximately 5000 square feet in total. It was completed in 2 phases due to the planting of the new oak tree. Each phase was completed in 4 to 5 days including the concrete demolition and removal and extensive machine work. Moderna completes all of its machine work, hauling, and grading in-house with their own equipment, operated by a company owner. 

The completed turn around area and new Oak tree.


Ponte Vedra Paver Driveway Renovation by Moderna

This week's featured hardscape project involved renovating a existing concrete driveway in Ponte Vedra Beach FL. This residential driveway was not terribly old or in bad shape, but the homeowners felt it could be improved both in function and aesthetics. They also wanted to be able to accomodate additional vehicles and desired to be able to better navigate a current turn-around within their driveway so guests could pull onto the sometimes busy residential street safely. They were especially sensitive to keeping the soft look and curb appeal of their home without creating a "parking lot" or rigid feel.

The completed paver driveway project. More landscapig to be followed up in the spring.

To accomplish this task the homeowners turned to Jay Devine- a local landscape architecht who specializes in residential and commercial redesign in Ponte Vedra. Jay has an extensive portfolio and with careful consideration of the homeowners needs, his firm developed a plan to gracefully expand key areas of the driveway to improve the look and maneuverability. "When dealing with a residential project of this scale, every subtle detail is combined to create a beautiful finished product both in function and style" Says Jay Devine.


The pavers chosen for the driveway are Tremron's Plaza series, part of their newly developed Classic Collection in an 8" x 12" shape. The pavers were laid out in a running bond pattern with lines that bring your eye from the curb to the home. The color chosen is Sierra, with subtle blends of Tan, Sandstone and Charcoal to harmonize with the homes base, roof and trim colors. The demolition was completed in-house by Moderna Pavers in just one day followed by the paver installation over the following 4 days.

Before the pavers were installed on the driveway.



Flipping a Foreclosure

Ponte Vedra Paver Driveway ContractorBefore the exterior construction beganWhen Joe and Julie Bowers purchased a foreclosure property in The Plantation, a large, upscale community in Ponte Vedra Beach, they planned to renovate the home in just 12 weeks. A 6,000-square-foot house with four bedrooms and five bathrooms, this was no small order.

Recently retired, Joe established IN2IT Homes, home improvement specialists that concentrate on older home remodels within an aggressive timeline. When he purchased the property in The Plantation, Joe looked to Moderna Pavers for a new driveway and corresponding front hardscape wall and columns.

Ponte Vedra Pavers Driveway Removal DemolitionRemoving the old concrete driveway“Moderna did our previous home’s driveway and patio and we were impressed with their speed, quality of work and competitive pricing,” Joe explains. “For this rehab, Moderna completed the job in less than a week and complimented the design and implementation of the lighting, irrigation and landscaping.”

Joe’s wife, Julie, is in charge of most of the design decisions when it comes to IN2IT Homes’ projects. “She wanted a wall for privacy and to add parking spots next to each garage for additional parking,” Joe explains. “Julie and Chris, owner of Moderna, were instrumental in designing the walls and parking spaces, as well as guestroom patio and sidewalk.”

Ponte Vedra Retaining Wall Hardscape InstallationBuilding the hardscape wall and columnsWhen Joe and Julie Bowers of IN2IT Homes purchased this sprawling foreclosure home in The Plantation, it was in desperate need of some TLC. A stark, white stucco exterior, concrete slab driveway and little to no curb appeal was decreasing the value of the property.

Moderna Pavers demolished and removed the large concrete slab driveway and installed a custom paver driveway and corresponding hardscape walls for a clean, natural and finished look. A beautiful new wood and glass front door, stone accents on the façade of the home, darker exterior paint color and landscaping was added to compliment the hardscape and driveway.

Paver Driveway Installation in Ponte VedraA view of the completed project from the street“It is such a beautiful home and we are ready to do another one soon,” says Joe. “It was a terrific experience and we look forward to working with each of our suppliers like Moderna Pavers again soon.”

Project Information: The paver colors are a blend of sandstone, tan, and charcoal named Sierra. They are installed in random pattern alternating the size and direction of each paver. The edges of the project are complemented with a rectangular soldier course adding strength and a nice aestetic to the border of the project.

Hardscape Planters and Driveway Pavers Ponte VedraThe completed plant beds and entrywayA curve was added to the entry steps to repeat the curving architecture of the covered portion of the entryway adding an elegant touch. The walls were constructed of a tumbled three piece "stonegate" wall block to give it an aged, antique look. The walls, columns and cap are also done in the Sierra color. Uplights are cast on the home, landscaping, and hardscaping to accent the home at night. 


Landscape Lighting With Pavers in Ponte VedraA look at the Landscape Lighting at dusk