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Jacksonville Beach Pavers and Water Features

This project was put together with Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville Beach and Berkshire Watergardens of Jacksonville Beach.  Many design elements were worked into a very small space to include; a pondless waterfall, a koi pond, a natural fire pit, a meandering brick paver walkway, seating areas and lots of beautiful landscape design.

Starting with a simple "on-the-ground" site plan - meaning the space was drawn on-site with different colored marking paint.  This allows the client to get a realistic preview of the layout of the water features and brick pavers before ground was broken.   After getting used to it for a day or so, the client may choose to change the configuration of the paver walkway or patio, or move a water feature slightly to accommodate another area.  

This project is in South Jacksonville Beach in the Ocean Cay neighborhood.  The goal was to create a backyard retreat or now known as a staycation.  The client enjoyed the sounds and natural tranquility of flowing water.  

The site was mostly bare with minimal perimeter landscaping.  Irrigation needed to be reconfigured and was taken care of by Gator Irrigation of Jacksonville Beach, who was able to salvage the system even though it was completely relocated in some areas.  

After a few short days of construction, the finished product boasted two "anchored" cascading waterfeatures, one on each side of the yard.   One water feature included a koi pond, with a deep natural cavern to keep the fish safe in case of any natural predators.  The other, a flowing stream that ran along side the brick paver pathway and slowly dissipated into the landscape.  "The wonderful thing about the pondless waterfalls is that you can build them into a relatively small space and intricately tie the landscaping in so it all looks like it was created by nature" says Jeff Manson from Berkshire Watergardens.

Jeff designed and constructed both water features and did all the landscaping in-house.  

The brick paver color Oak Run was chosen because it harmonized well with the natural elements of rock stone and surrounding landscape.  The 2 piece Appian Combo style brick paver is manufactured right here in Jacksonville.  The walkways were designed and installed before the landscaping, keeping in mind the large boulders that would be used to complete the project.

The ability to shape and contour the brick pavers is taken advantage of here to maximize space and blend everything seamlessly.  The layout and installation pattern is done by mixing the two sizes of pavers 6"x6" and 6"x9" together in the inside of the pattern and then adding a soldier row of 6"x9" pavers along all of the edges keeps any cut pieces to the inside.  This also serves well from an aesthetic standpoint "framing" the project with the larger pavers.


The fire pit is another specialty of Berkshire Watergardens,

they have coined the term Firescaping here in Jacksonville because of their many creations of fire and water.  This fire pit is built entirely of hand cut and chiseled natural stone.  Much of the stone was brought from the same quarry as the surrounding rocks used in the landscape.  

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