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Pre-Party Planning in Marsh Landing

The owners of this lakefront home in Marsh Landing, a prestigious gated subdivision in Ponte Vedra Beach, needed a multi-functional backyard space. Each year, they throw two big parties during The Players Championship. When not entertaining large groups of people, they use the space as an extension of their house – an outdoor living room in temperate weather. “It’s an area to read under the oak tree, have cocktails and hors d'oeuvres with a few friends or coffee in the morning,” owner Anna Dennis explains.

Ponte Vedra Pavers InstallationAfter getting a quote from a landscape architect and bids from five contracting companies, Dennis knew what she was looking for out of the space and out of the people she wanted to execute the project. “I felt an architect would just be an additional cost that I could transfer to larger privacy shrubs, or more pavers,” she says. “What started as just an empty space of grass and beds began to take shape in my head.”

Ponte Vedra Pavers Hardscape InstallationDennis decided to meet with Linda from Moderna Pavers out of Jacksonville. She says she enjoyed working with Moderna because they were willing to put in the time to come up with several different design ideas. After a month of going back and forth with computer-aided design (CAD) ideas – tweaking curves and planter sizes, Dennis settled on her ideal backyard patio space, but not before adding a driveway apron, path along the side of the house and path to the front door.

Backyard Living Hardscape Ponte Vedra ContractorIn just a few days, Moderna transformed the Dennis’ bleak backyard into a beautiful and multi-functional outdoor space including a travertine lanai with a step that extends outwards, three built-in planters, a seating wall and irrigated beds for an herb garden, flower gardens and even a space to plant a few veggies.   

Before the project even started, Dennis knew exactly how she wanted to furnish the space. She was looking to incorporate four chairs and an ottoman, a hammock and a double chaise lounge so that she, her husband and their dog could read and relax together. “I got everything I wanted,” she says. “We use the space everyday. Whether we're entertaining a big group, a few friends or just ourselves, it is perfect.”


Creating an Outdoor Room in Fleming Island

The homeowners started with the additon of a Florida Room- a mostly glass room designed to bring you closer to the outdoors. The room is climate controlled, lets in lots of light and suited a excellent purpose. But the room didnt quite bring them close enough to the wonderful Florida outdoors.

The next project was creating a new space- the Outdoor Room. Outdoor living as a concept has grown extensively in Jacksonville over the last few years. The idea of the outdoor room is the transition from a simple concrete or wood patio with a few folding chairs and a picnic table to an elaborate outdoor living space with a kitchen, pavers, walls, fire pit... well limitless possibilities.

Homeowner overseeing the layout before paver construction.This project started as a blank slate of grass, with a small wood deck off to one side. The homeowners gave us a list of the ameneties that they wanted to include and shared with us that they wanted to be able to gather in a large group, but also have several quaint areas that would accomodate smaller groups of people.

The first thing to go in was the pergola. A rough cut cedar structure built with large posts and accents to suite its large scale size. The pergola was stained to reduce future maintenance and prewired for lighting and an outdoor ceiling fan.

The kitchen components were set- gas, electrical, plumbing etc. and we were ready for pavers. We used a product called Mega Olde Towne which is a three piece cobble paver, meaning the sides and corners of the pavers are pillowed slightly to give a cobblestone like appearance, though the surface of the paver is still flat and smooth. The color chosen was Sierra, consisting of Sandstone, Tan, and Charcoal blended together accenting the home, pergola, and kitchen. These pavers are manufactured locally in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Outdoor Room Project (More Landscaping to come)The three tiered seat wall is also in the Sierra color, providing permanent seating for the fire pit on one side. The seating wall utilized a five piece wall system called Country Manor, which is both textured on the surface and tumbled for an old world look.

After the pavers were installed the kitchen could be built on-site complete with a grilling station, refridgerator, lots of storage and counter space, and a bar.



Queens Harbor Pavers, Seating Wall and Cedar Arbor - Jacksonville 

The pool deck and patio on this Queens Harbor home was typical- cool decking acrylic sprayed over a cracking concrete deck that had been an eyesore for years. The home owners now faced a new dilemma- they needed more space on the deck for dining, relaxing and entertaining and they wanted an outdoor kitchen to enjoy the beautiful views of the water.

After presenting several options- we settled on a large, cedar pergola that would be multi purposed. Shade was a big significance of the pergola; it would shade the living room from the morning sun and shade the patio in the afternoons. The aesthetic appeal of the pergola would go nicely with the overall plan of the new design. The summer kitchen was installed first. The kitchen was simple in design, with a nice durable grill, a small outdoor refrigerator, and bar height seating for a few guests around an ample spaced countertop. 

Next the pergola was cut and assembled on-site. The on-site build allows maximum flexibility for deciding exactly how much shade is desired achieved by the spacing and size of the slats. It also allows customization of the architectural details.After the paver and retaining wall work

Then the pavers and seating wall were installed. Careful design considerations were taken when planning how the seating wall would integrate visually and functionally into the patio and pergola. The seat wall blocks and cap were cut in to wrap the pergola posts. Several steps were constructed from retaining wall and pavers leading down to the dock. The pool deck and coping were both remodeled with new brick pavers. The pavers and seating wall are Oak Run in color and the pavers are layed in a random pattern from the Mega Old Town shape.  The Mega Olde Towne shape is part of a continuation of the traditional line of Olde Towne pavers only larger in scale giving it the "Mega" name.  This line of pavers has slightly pillowed edges and corners to give it a subtle cobble look.  The surface is still smooth and the corners are just defined enough barely notice the texture when walking across the pavers in bare feet.  



Design and project planning was handled by Moderna of Jacksonville.  The pergola was designed and constructed by Creative Design Space of Orange Park.  Brick pavers, retaining wall, seating wall, steps, and pool coping were installed by Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville.  Finish landscaping (yet to be done) will be handled by the home owners.