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Springfield Paver Driveway, Courtyard and Pergola Project

Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville Beach was contacted to help new homeowners in Springfield upgrade the look and appearance of their historic home. The homeowners knew they wanted the old concrete ribbons and pebbles in the driveway replaced with pavers and were hoping they’d be able to add a place to entertain and enjoy themselves in the backyard.

During the first meeting, a design consultant from Moderna Pavers listened to the wish list of the homeowners and knew just how to help them with their desire to add a pergola in the large backyard – call Cindy at Creative Design Space of Jacksonville. Also important to the homeowners was the ‘feel’ of the project – they wanted an ‘old’ feeling similar to that of St. Augustine. After a couple meetings to gather more information, take measurements and discuss patio and paver options – decisions were finalized and the plan began to take shape.

The pergola would be the first part of the project so that the paver patio could be installed around the posts. The cedar lumber was delivered and the installers from Creative Design Space cut and built the pergola onsite based on the exact specifications of the design. Since the pergolas are customized for each project – homeowners have many choices besides the size, they can even choose the amount of sun or shade they want to filter through the slats at the top. Creative Design Space works closely with each customer so they can design and build a pergola to meet their needs and budget.

The second part of the project began with the existing driveway material being replaced by a 3-piece cobble paver in an Oak Run color blend. Next on the list was the backyard. Starting at the end of their wooden deck is a long paver walkway leading them past a beautiful water fountain on a paver pad and into a 20’ diameter patio with a cedar pergola. The walkway and patio are also in the Oak Run color blend, however these pavers are tumbled to give it an aged look. In addition, the patio and walkway are bordered with tumbled 4x8 pavers in a red / charcoal blend.

The design also included adding seating wall inside the pergola / patio area. The installers from Moderna showed their true craft when it came to cutting the two 13 foot long seating walls with cap around the posts from the pergola.

There are several special touches and features added to make this project complete and ready to enjoy.Two planters were added in the yard along the fence line for interest and included 18” walls so they could double as seating wall if needed. Two of the pergola posts were routed for gas lines which feed two beautiful lanterns on the front of the pergola which is visible from their home. In addition, the homeowner had electric run to the patio area for the lighting from NiteLites of Jacksonville. There are two up-lights at the rear of the patio which are installed within the pavers as well as spot lights on some of the trees in the yard. There is also a 10’ diameter paver pad for the patio located just off the side of the long walkway. Electric was installed near the fountain pad, so Moderna made sure the sleeves were installed under the pavers to facilitate the clean installation of the fountain without wires exposed.

With careful planning in advance, this beautiful transformation was completed in one week, start to finish.

The customers account of the project can be read on the testimonials page here.



Screenroom Extension, Raised Paver Patio and Seating Wall

A project in Pablo Bay, Intracoastal area, Jacksonville.  Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville and Backyard Creations of Orange Park combined to give this family an expanded outdoor living area. Although their West Beaches home had a covered porch, it was long and narrow and didn’t quite meet their needs. The ideal situation for this family was to have a screened area where they could be protected from insects while entertaining and to also have an open outdoor patio to enjoy. It was important that both areas have space for their two children to play and be large enough to entertain. By screening one and leaving one open, they would have the best of both worlds -- having space to meet their needs while not having to worry about the weather or insects.

They met with Keith from Backyard Creations to discuss their ideas and make a plan to expand the existing patio into the yard eight feet, giving them a large, completely usable 420 square foot patio. Since their current patio was raised in the yard, they decided to continue the patio at this level so that the floor space was continuous which would maximize the use of the area.

Moderna Pavers was consulted for the overlay of the new porch and the addition of the outdoor patio. The staff at Moderna believe that the most important part in the design process is to ‘listen’ to what the owners want and their vision of the prospective area. When the owners were asked what was important to them with their new patio – they said they wanted curves on the new outdoor patio to contrast with the house and screened porch. They wanted the patio to look and feel traditional; liked steps that were large and inviting, and wanted a lot of seating wall. After the design was finalized – the paver choice was a 4x8 brick shape in a red, tan, charcoal blend.

And so the project begins...

Since their current patio is raised in the yard and there was a slight slope in the landscape, the addition of the concrete patio would be a poured form instead of using footers and backfill. Next would be the installation of the pavers over the new and existing porch to be followed by the installation of the screen. A unique feature from Backyard Creations was the addition of a sliding screen door instead of a hinge door. The benefit to this type of door allows all of the floor space to be utilized without consideration of the door swinging inward or outward.

With the screened area completed, site preparation began for the new patio. The height of this patio would be about 15” – about half way between the screened porch and yard. After clearing the site of all organic material, the installers began leveling the area for the riser wall. Several more courses of wall were installed where the 18” high seating wall was required as well as the foundation of the steps. Both the steps and wall have soft curves which provide a nice contrast to the straight lines on the house and screened porch.

Next it was time for the patio area to be filled, compacted and prepped for the installation of the pavers.

The homeowners now have a large screened porch and a raised patio with seating wall and both areas are user friendly for their children and entertaining. They also opted to have pavers added at their front entry – a beautiful addition to the look of their home.



Jacksonville Outdoor Kitchen and Paver Installation

This recent project was put together with Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville Beach and Creative Design Space of Jacksonville. Many items on the homeowner’s checklist were accommodated into this project; an entertainment area, a natural cedar pergola, a fire pit and sitting area, a raised brick paver patio, and most of all a complete outdoor kitchen.

  The yard was mostly unusable with a sharp slope down to the river. The owner was constantly having erosion problems near the bulk head. A raised paver patio with retaining wall was able to combat the problem and turn it into a great space.

This project is near Julington Creek, on Cunningham Creek in Jacksonville. The goal was to create a backyard entertainment and relaxation area. A space to be able to host small get togethers with family and friends.  The client wanted to make better use of the sloping backyard.

First the pergola was hand cut from rough cut custom cedar lumber. It was built and completely assembled on-site to the exact specifications. This particular pergola was build with very long pillars or legs so it could be anchored in the ground and be built into the pavers giving it maximum support and life span.

Clients can customize every aspect of the pergola including the position and size of the slats for the desired amount of shade, and the sun setting direction.

Cindy from Creative Design Space designed the pergola and patio to meet the needs and budget of the customer. “Being able to build the pergola on-site gives us a great advantage over the store bought kits that limit you to a particular height, length and width” says a Installer from CDS.

After the arbor was constructed, the retaining wall was built very precisely so the pergola would rise out of the pavers giving is a built in unified look. The retaining wall blocks act as a “riser” to flatten out the patio and adjust for the elevation change. A nice curve was built into the wall on the outer edge to add character. 

The brick paver color Sand Dune was chosen because it harmonized well with the stacked stone of the kitchen and retaining wall, it also contrasted well with the cedar and granite counter tops. The 3 piece Olde Towne style paver is manufactured right here in Jacksonville. The layout pattern of the pavers is random, with lines going in both directions and the pavers constantly being rotated at 90 degrees.

The summer kitchen came in last and all the utilities for the kitchen were accommodated for with sleeving put in place to hide the gas, electric, and water lines. The kitchen rivals most indoor kitchens with several cook tops, food preparation areas, a refrigerator, and storage. Custom outdoor kitchens have been a specialty for Creative Design Space for many years here in Jacksonville.