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2012 Jacksonville Landscape Planting Guide by Jacksonville Backyard.

This guide is the most commonly used landscape plants throughout the Jacksonville area. Palms were mostly left off this list to be listed seperately in another section. 


Abelia - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Jacksonville Abelia Plant LandscapeAbelia - Jacksonville Top 100 Performs well in Jacksonville. Abelia is a genus of about 15-30 species and many hybrids in the honeysuckle family. Graceful, arching branches densely clothed with oval, usually glossy leaves 1/2 - 1 1/2 inches long; bronzy new growth. Abelia has tubular or bell-shaped flowers in clusters at ends of branches or among leaves. Typically available in Jacksonville area nurseries in 3 gallon containers.


African Iris - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Jacksonville African Iris Plant Landscape DesignAfrican Iris - Jacksonville Top 100African Iris Thrives in the Jacksonville climate. African Iris commonly available with Yellow or White flowers. Jacksonville African Iris is an evergreen perennial with leaves arising from rhizomes near the ground growing plants to 2 feet tall and wide. The leaves are sword-like in shape, medium to dark green growing to 2 feet tall and an inch wide. The most common stocked nursery sizes in Jacksonville are 1 and 3 gallon.


Agapanthus - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Jacksonville Agapanthus Plant LandscapeAgapanthus - Jacksonville Top 100Agapanthus Grows and performs well in Jacksonville. Sometime known as the Lilly of the Nile Agapanthus have very showy flowers during warmer weather on stems that extend up to 24 inches past the plant. Long slender green leaves that reach a height of about 12 inches. Agapanthus are usually available at most Jacksonville area nurseries in 1 gallon containers. 


Ajuga - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Jacksonville Ajuga Plant LandscapeAjuga - Jacksonville Top 100Ajuga Works well in the Jacksonville climate. Also known as Bugleweed Ajuga is labeled as invasive so it should be planted with a consideration of containment. A fast, easy to grow groundcover with deep blue blooms throughout warmer months. Prefers shade or part shade though will survive in sunnier conditions it wont flourish. Often found in 1 gallon containers in Jacksonville. 


Allamanda - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Jacksonville Allamanda Plant LandscapeAllamanda - Jacksonville Top 100Allamanda Grows well in Jacksonville. Sometimes known as Golden Trumpet Allamanda is a tropical vine or shrub that can reach an un-supported height of 6 feet or more. Dark green pointed leaves and medium to large yellow trumpet shaped flowers. They can be guided into lattices and arbors and will cascade down. Can be found in Jacksonville most often in 3 gallon containers.