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2012 Jacksonville Landscape Planting Guide by Jacksonville Backyard.

This guide is the most commonly used landscape plants throughout the Jacksonville area. Palms were mostly left off this list to be listed seperately in another section. 


Althea - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Jacksonville Althea Plant LandscapeAlthea - Jacksonville Top 100Althea A beautiful blooming shrub commonly found throughout Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. Altheas come in shades of red, white, pink and sometimes purple. Also can be known as Chinese Hibiscus or Rose of Sharon. Althea can be kept pruned or if allowed, can grow up to 10’ tall. Althea is great for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Most commonly found in 3 gallon containers around Jacksonville.


Arboricola - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Jacksonville Arboricola Plant JacksonvilleArboricola - Jacksonville Top 100Arboricola A great plant for Jacksonville and the beaches due to its salt tolerance and mild frost tolerance. Sometimes used as foundation plants and trimmed into shrubs the Arboricola is a great all around evergreen. Sometimes called a Dwarf Umbrella tree as it can be pruned to many unique shapes. Normally available in Jacksonville in several varieties including variegated in 3 gallon containers.


Asiatic Jasmine - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Jacksonville Asiatic Jasmine Groundcover Plant LandscapeAsiatic Jasmine - Jacksonville Top 100Asiatic Jasmine Works well in Jacksonville and is extremely easy to grow. Asiatic Jasmine is often used as a groundcover to reduce turf and overall maintenance. Grows to about 12” high and makes nice beds around trees and shrubs. Several varieties are available in Jacksonville and is typically available in small containers as it is planted 12” apart. 


Asparagus Fern - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Jacksonville Asparagus Fern Landscape PlantAsparagus Fern - Jacksonville Top 100Asparagus Fern Commonly grown in Jacksonville though the Asparagus Fern is listed as an invasive plant. The evergreen herb is often used as a groundcover and in container plantings. It is also widely used in hanging baskets for its showy foliage and bright red berries. Care should be given to the location and containment of Asparagus Fern. Available at most Jacksonville area retailers in 1 gallon and  3 gallon containers.


Aspidistra - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Aspidistra Jacksonville Plant LandscapeAspidistra - Jacksonville Top 100Aspidistra  Very easy to grow in Jacksonville and survives neglect. The Aspidistra, also known as a Cast Iron Plant or Milky Way do well in some sunny conditions and in almost total shade.. Evergreen lance shaped leaves that grow up to 20” long. Aspidistra is available in Jacksonville in variegated and several varieties in 1 gallon and 3 gallon pots.