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2012 Jacksonville Landscape Planting Guide by Jacksonville Backyard.

This guide is the most commonly used landscape plants throughout the Jacksonville area. Palms were mostly left off this list to be listed seperately in another section. 


Azalea - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Azalea Jacksonville Landscape Plant DesignAzalea - Jacksonville Top 100Azalea Grows well in Jacksonville and prefers light to moderate shade and living under trees. Azaleas bloom in spring and warmer months. Azaleas are slow growing and require regular pruning. Available in many different varieties and colors in Jacksonville area nurseries in 3 gallon 7 gallon and 15 gallon containers.


Aztec Grass - Jacksonville Top 100 Landscape Plant

Aztec Grass Jacksonville Border Plant LandscapeAztec Grass - Jacksonville Top 100Aztec Grass Easy to grow in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Evergreen with highly variegated foliage around a half inch wide. Aztec is drought tolerant and can withstand neglect. Grows bout 12” high and 12” wide. Typically sold in 1 gallon containers in Jacksonville area nurseries. 

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