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Screenroom & Sunroom Glossary

Atrium: Also called cavaedium, the main or central room of a building or house. Usually open to the sky or skylit.

Cathedral: A ceiling higher than that of other rooms in a house. Sometimes formed by or suggesting an open-timbered roof.

Conservatory: A greenhouse, usually attached to a dwelling, for growing and displaying plants.

Flat roof: A type of covering of a building or house. In contrast to the sloped form of a roof, a flat roof is horizontal or nearly horizontal.

Gable: The portion of the front or side of a building enclosed by or masking the end of a pitched roof.

Gazebo: A small roofed structure that is screened or open on all sides, used for outdoor entertaining and dining.

Greenhouse: A building, room or area, usually chiefly in glass, in which the temperature is maintained within a desired range, used for cultivating tender plants or growing plants out of season.

Hip roof: A type of roof where all sides slope downwards to the walls, usually with a fairly gentle slope.

Polycarbonate roof: A type of thermoplastic characterized by high-impact strength, lightweight and flexibility that’s used as a patio roof.

Roll top awning: A roll of awning material that sits on top of the screen room and rolls out with the help of a crank.

Screen: A frame with fine wire netting used in a window or doorway to keep out mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Screenroom: An outdoor space enclosed with screen material.

Solarium: A room fitted with extensive areas of glass to admit sunlight.

Sunroom: Also called a sun parlor, a room or enclosed porch with large windows to let sunlight in freely.

Vaulted: An arched structure forming a ceiling or roof over a wholly or partially enclosed construction.

Wind wall: A free-standing screen enclosure that can reduce exposure to wing in your outside space. 

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