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New Eco-Paver Coming to Jacksonville

pic_featured_subbterra1.jpgSubterra, the latest ecological permeable paver from Oldcastle will be manufactured here in the coming weeks.  This is yet another product in the growing permeable paver market. 

From the Belgard website:

A 9.5% opening ratio allows rainwater to naturally drain to native sub soils, reducing the impact on the environment and storm water management. The result: better stewardship of our environment and improved land usage.

Like all interlocking concrete paver solutions, Subterra Stone offers better durability and long-term strength. The result: lower life-cycle costs than traditional rigid paving solutions, particularly in extreme climate conditions.

Subterra Stone is the most natural looking permeable paver on the market.  With six different natural stone textures and 13 different false joint patterns.  The result: unmatched style and the appeal of actual cobblestones.

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The most popular option of permeable pavement, less far, has been permeable pavers. These pavers are produced with cement, just like regular concrete pavers. The difference between the two, however, is that permeable pavers are produced with larger aggregates which cause spacing, or channels, within the bricks. This separation permits water to run through the paver. Normal pavers allow about four percent of all water they absorb to soak through the bottom side. Permeable pavers, on the other hand, let up to eighty percent of all rainwater to soak through.

Permeable pavers are also installed on top of a permeable base. Contractors use eight to ten inches of large aggregate base, topped with a couple of inches of smaller stones which can be compacted and scraped level. The paver areas are basically installed on top of a large french drain that soaks up all of the water which permeates through the pavers above and filters it before entering the sub soil.

Permeable pavers are not produced in nearly as many shapes or colors as regular pavers are. Less far, their demand has not warranted the addition of these product options. As we progress, expect permeable pavers to become more common. Some builders are choosing to use them just because it is the responsible choice to make. They cost about the same as regular pavers, with the only increase in total job cost coming from the added excavation of the sub soil and more base material that is used. To find out more about permeable pavers contact a Florida Permeable Pavers Installer today!

May 20, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPaverweb

Love your site! I just had pavers done and am very happy with them.

May 21, 2008 | Registered CommenterEditor

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