New Cemex Brick Paver Colors in Jacksonville
Friday, May 30, 2008 at 09:40PM

Cemex, formerly known as Rinker or RMC has been producing brick pavers for many years, supplying the Jacksonville area with pavers and retaining wall products from several plant locations in Florida. Many of the colors listed below are new to the line-up along with classic favorites from years past. These Cemex pavers are available in a variety of shapes including their "Klassic" & "Kobble" among others. They are available in the traditional full thickness pavers as well as complementary one inch thin pavers and bullnose coping.

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Jacksonville Paver Color: Cemex - BuffJacksonville Paver Color: Cemex - Buff Terracotta ChocolateJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Charcoal

Jacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Lite Terracotta Sandstone CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Old ChicagoJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Oyster White Buff CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Pewter CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Red Buff CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Red Creme CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - SandstoneJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Sandstone BuffJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Sandstone Buff CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Sandstone Terracotta CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - TerracottaJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Terracotta Sienna Charcoal

More about shapes and styles available from Cemex:

Holland / Klassic
The Holland or Klassic paver is a durable 4" x 8" unit that can be used alone, or with other paving shapes to create a wide variety of patterns. Because it has so many uses, this paver is by far the most versatile and popular shape.


Holland II
The Holland II paver is a durable 4 x 8 unit with a centered single score, giving this paver the appearance of two 4 x 4 units.
Centennial / Dekor
The Centennial or Dekor paver combine two distinct shapes into one, for a look of distinction consisting of an octagon and a smaller square. It is subtle in appearance, yet creates exceptional beauty.
The Carolina paver combines decorative flair with an extremely strong design, due to its interlocking shape. It is often used in heavy traffic areas, for both industrial and commercial projects
The Classic Cobble adds refinement to any landscape with paving stones creating a European elegance with its Old World surface texture.
City Scape / City Square
The City Square paver system can be used in a pattern of one size, in a combination of several sizes, or as a border with other paver shapes.
The Single Colonial unit provides an architectural beauty that looks like four units: two octagons and two small squares
The Fishscale consists of seven interlocking paver shapes creating the unique "Fishscale" pattern. The free-flowing design can be used in a fan or circular shape.

The Kobblestone system of three individual shapes can give the appearance of a cobblestone road if laid randomly. Because of their unique "Old World" design, this paver has been one of our most popular for 20 years.


The EuroKobble is a paving system that offers the same cobble effect as the KobbleStone, but in a larger size. EuroKobble pavers are better suited for large areas, such as driveways and streets.
Circle / KobbleStone
Three interlocking Kobblestone and Circle pavers can give you unlimited aesthetic possibilities in patterns and color. Our shape, with its turned down radius, gives the unique appearance of a true cobblestone.
Bishop Hat & 8” Square
The Bishop Hat is a paver that can be laid by itself, or in combination with an 8” square, to produce simple or complex designs. This shape is popular for plazas and pool decks.
The Octagon/Square/Diamond paver system can be laid in endless combinations. Along with our extensive variety of colors, the possibilities are endless.
Pool Coping
The concrete pool coping pavers are made with the same high quality concrete as our interlocking pavers. Coping stone can be used as pool edging or stair treads.
Permeable Pavers
Permeable pavers are designed to allow water to permeate to the sub surface. Design a beautiful hardscape surface that will help meet local regulations of water permeability.

Note: Not all products are available at all locations.

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