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"...Moderna specializes in the installation of interlocking concrete pavers for driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, and entry features. Services include; design and project planning, demolition and removal of existing surface, excavating and site preparation, site leveling and grading, drainage routing and installation, interlocking concrete paver and slab pavement installation, clean-up and landscape finishing, sealing, cleaning, maintenance and repair..." Read More

Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville has been designing and creating beautiful brick paver and retaining wall projects in Jacksonville backyards for many years.  They also specialize in brick paver driveways and other large scale projects with an all in-house approach and impressive equipment array.  You can visit the Moderna Pavers website for more information and photos showcasing their work. 


Jacksonville Brick Pavers

Looking for another patio or driveway option that can ride out ground movement while offering stylistic flair? Pavers--those brick or tile-like stones that are precast from concrete--may be just the answer. They come in all variations, from the basic model you might find at Home Depot to more deluxe versions that resemble weathered-looking tumbled pavers, concrete varieties with pebble and sea shells mixed in, or those cut from stone.

These pieces fit together into puzzles that vary in complexity from a grid pattern to intricate mosaics established by the designer.

Practically speaking, this material offers several benefits. Paver are much less subject to cracking than monolithic slabs.  Problems seem to diminish when the pavers were used in place of [monolithic] concrete.

Brick pavers have built-in joints throughout, so installers don't have to try to predict where cracking will occur.  Unlike concrete, when heavy rain or ground movement inevitably occurs, it can cause a piece or two to move or shift, but they are easily replaced. They also make for speedier installation, which allows you to begin enjoying your new pavers.

When choosing your pavers - first, make sure the selected material is comfortable against the skin in the hot Jacksonville sun.  The lighter the color, the cooler on your feet.

When choosing a paver size, keep the pieces to scale. Small to medium sizes work best for most homes. Reserve the largest pavers for large areas.

Also consider the direction of the grid. If the project will be parallel to the home, you may want to consider a running bond pattern with straight lines running in one direction.  Another option is a random pattern that has pavers going in both directions.  You can also turn patterns 45 degrees to the house.

Installing pavers isn't just a matter of sticking them in the ground. Proper preparation is crucial. "If the job is graded, the soil is prepared correctly, proper limestone underlayment used and compacted adequately,  you won't have a problem” says a lead installer from Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville Beach.  

Excavating and stabilizing the ground is very important. Jacksonville has a few very different soil compositions, ranging from a high clay content soil to very sandy  to a highly organic silt.  A soil test is recommended if you are unsure of what you are up against.


Planning Your Jacksonville Outdoor Rooms

We suggest you start with some careful planning.  Then even if you don't install an entire outdoor room, you will be able to do it in stages.

Thinking of your outdoor room as an extension of the house is a great way to get started.  Consider overall functionality - and start thinking in floor, walls, ceiling, doors, etc.

To do this, we suggest that you get in all the required electrical and plumbing, such as water lines for sinks and gas lines for the grills—although all come with liquid propane options.  It's good to have the utilities in place - It's much less expensive to do it initially.

Even if you plan to add a simple patio - always request to add sleeving.   We'll provide you with a spec that shows where the sleeving is located just in case you may need it in the future.  A lot of newer homeowners may not realize that the life expectancy of an irrigation system is only 12 years.  Chances are you will want to perform maintenance, add to or repair your outdoor backyard utilities at some point.

Average Life Expectancies in Jacksonville for your Backyard:

Pergola or Gazebo         16 years
Wood Decks                    10 years
Brick Pavers                    50 years
Retaining Walls               75 years
Swimming Pools            18 years
Wood Fence                    12 years 


New Cemex Brick Paver Colors in Jacksonville

Cemex, formerly known as Rinker or RMC has been producing brick pavers for many years, supplying the Jacksonville area with pavers and retaining wall products from several plant locations in Florida. Many of the colors listed below are new to the line-up along with classic favorites from years past. These Cemex pavers are available in a variety of shapes including their "Klassic" & "Kobble" among others. They are available in the traditional full thickness pavers as well as complementary one inch thin pavers and bullnose coping.

Click on the image to bring up the full size image in a new window.

Jacksonville Paver Color: Cemex - BuffJacksonville Paver Color: Cemex - Buff Terracotta ChocolateJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Charcoal

Jacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Lite Terracotta Sandstone CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Old ChicagoJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Oyster White Buff CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Pewter CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Red Buff CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Red Creme CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - SandstoneJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Sandstone BuffJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Sandstone Buff CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Sandstone Terracotta CharcoalJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - TerracottaJacksonville Brick Paver Color: Cemex - Terracotta Sienna Charcoal

More about shapes and styles available from Cemex:

Holland / Klassic
The Holland or Klassic paver is a durable 4" x 8" unit that can be used alone, or with other paving shapes to create a wide variety of patterns. Because it has so many uses, this paver is by far the most versatile and popular shape.


Holland II
The Holland II paver is a durable 4 x 8 unit with a centered single score, giving this paver the appearance of two 4 x 4 units.
Centennial / Dekor
The Centennial or Dekor paver combine two distinct shapes into one, for a look of distinction consisting of an octagon and a smaller square. It is subtle in appearance, yet creates exceptional beauty.
The Carolina paver combines decorative flair with an extremely strong design, due to its interlocking shape. It is often used in heavy traffic areas, for both industrial and commercial projects
The Classic Cobble adds refinement to any landscape with paving stones creating a European elegance with its Old World surface texture.
City Scape / City Square
The City Square paver system can be used in a pattern of one size, in a combination of several sizes, or as a border with other paver shapes.
The Single Colonial unit provides an architectural beauty that looks like four units: two octagons and two small squares
The Fishscale consists of seven interlocking paver shapes creating the unique "Fishscale" pattern. The free-flowing design can be used in a fan or circular shape.

The Kobblestone system of three individual shapes can give the appearance of a cobblestone road if laid randomly. Because of their unique "Old World" design, this paver has been one of our most popular for 20 years.


The EuroKobble is a paving system that offers the same cobble effect as the KobbleStone, but in a larger size. EuroKobble pavers are better suited for large areas, such as driveways and streets.
Circle / KobbleStone
Three interlocking Kobblestone and Circle pavers can give you unlimited aesthetic possibilities in patterns and color. Our shape, with its turned down radius, gives the unique appearance of a true cobblestone.
Bishop Hat & 8” Square
The Bishop Hat is a paver that can be laid by itself, or in combination with an 8” square, to produce simple or complex designs. This shape is popular for plazas and pool decks.
The Octagon/Square/Diamond paver system can be laid in endless combinations. Along with our extensive variety of colors, the possibilities are endless.
Pool Coping
The concrete pool coping pavers are made with the same high quality concrete as our interlocking pavers. Coping stone can be used as pool edging or stair treads.
Permeable Pavers
Permeable pavers are designed to allow water to permeate to the sub surface. Design a beautiful hardscape surface that will help meet local regulations of water permeability.

Note: Not all products are available at all locations.