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"...Moderna specializes in the installation of interlocking concrete pavers for driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, and entry features. Services include; design and project planning, demolition and removal of existing surface, excavating and site preparation, site leveling and grading, drainage routing and installation, interlocking concrete paver and slab pavement installation, clean-up and landscape finishing, sealing, cleaning, maintenance and repair..." Read More

Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville has been designing and creating beautiful brick paver and retaining wall projects in Jacksonville backyards for many years.  They also specialize in brick paver driveways and other large scale projects with an all in-house approach and impressive equipment array.  You can visit the Moderna Pavers website for more information and photos showcasing their work. 


New Eco-Paver Coming to Jacksonville

pic_featured_subbterra1.jpgSubterra, the latest ecological permeable paver from Oldcastle will be manufactured here in the coming weeks.  This is yet another product in the growing permeable paver market. 

From the Belgard website:

A 9.5% opening ratio allows rainwater to naturally drain to native sub soils, reducing the impact on the environment and storm water management. The result: better stewardship of our environment and improved land usage.

Like all interlocking concrete paver solutions, Subterra Stone offers better durability and long-term strength. The result: lower life-cycle costs than traditional rigid paving solutions, particularly in extreme climate conditions.

Subterra Stone is the most natural looking permeable paver on the market.  With six different natural stone textures and 13 different false joint patterns.  The result: unmatched style and the appeal of actual cobblestones.


New Brick Paver Colors in Jacksonville

The Tremron Group, A local brick paver and retaining wall manufacturer in Jacksonville has added and renamed the line-up of paver for the new year. The new colors are listed here, in addition the the ones listed there are many more available from Tremron and other local suppliers. Please see the colors page for a more in-depth guide to all of the available brick paver colors in North Florida.

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Driftwood Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Driftwood

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Granite Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Granite

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Heritage Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Heritage

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Oak Run Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Oak Run

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Old Chicago Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Old Chicago

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Ortega Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Ortega

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Redwood Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Redwood

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Riverwood Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Riverwood

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Rustic Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Rustic

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Sand Dune Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Sand Dune

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Sante Fe Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Sante Fe

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Sierra Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Sierra

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville Cappuccino Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color Cappuccino

Moderna Brick Pavers Jacksonville South Beach Tremron

Tremron Brick Paver Color South Beach

 These photos brought to you by Moderna Pavers Jacksonville.


Brick Pavers: The New Builder's Choice in North Florida

What are they?

Concrete masonry units (also called pavers, concrete pavers, paving stones, paving block, and brick pavers) are used in Jacksonville for paving driveways, access lanes, parking areas, streets, plazas, shopping malls, walks, patios, swimming pool decks, floors-on-grade, and other flat surfaces. They are also used for sloped paving under highway or railway grade-separation structures or other steep embankments to prevent soil erosion, particularly where grass will not grow to protect the surface. Grid pavers are used where reduced stormwater runoff is desired. Pavers are produced in a wide range of shapes and colors.

Why Use Them?

Pavers are affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. Concrete’s flexibility allows a variety of colors, textures and shapes. Colored and textured pavers can be used to tie outdoor spaces into the surrounding built and natural environment. Color can be tied to the exterior facade or surrounding vegetation. Pavers are just as pleasing indoors as they are outdoors. From a real estate marketing standpoint, pavers enhances the prestige and value of property. Pavers can easily be maintained.

What are my Options?

Shape- Pavers range in shape from the classic 4x8 brick shape to now many intricate and complicated design layouts using several shapes in combination.  The bishops hat, decor, cobble, are among the most common.  There are presently 19 different shapes being made in Jacksonville to choose from.

Layout Pattern- Runs hand in hand with the size choice, but most sizes have several options for layout.  The 4x8 brick shape can be laid in several patterns to include basket weave, herringbone, and running bond.

Color- The Jacksonville and St Augustine markets have about 34 colors available now from warm earth tones to the more progressive lighter and higher contrast pavers.  We have a Jacksonville paver color option page to reference here-  Paver Color Page

Sealing- Sealing your pavers is mostly a matter of aesthetic preference, but sealing does add protection to your pavers from sun fading and mold and mildew growth.  You sealing decision is most often recommended after your pavers are several weeks old to give them a chance to fully cure and leach any salts or lime deposits that may be in the pavers.

What else should I be aware of?

Strength. The compressive strength is at least 8000 psi.

Installation-  As with most construction projects, much care should be used when choosing a brick paver contractor.  Quality installations are key to the longevity of the pavers.  Installation begins by preparing a sub grade that is hard, uniform, free from foreign matter, and well drained. In Jacksonville, paving units are bedded in limestone, with a varying depth and consistency- depending on the conditions. Edge restraint such as pre cast or cast-in-place curbs keep the pavers from creeping or shifting.

Maintenance- Pavers are easily lifted for maintenance work or relocation, if desired.  Pressure washing, re-sealing (if desired), sweeping, and occasional topping up of the joint sand are all that is need to maintain you pavers for years.