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Permeable Pavers Growing Fast in Jacksonville.

Around town we have seen a large increase in concrete masonry units (also called pavers, concrete pavers, paving stones, paving block, interlocking concrete pavers and brick pavers) widely used for paving driveways, access lanes, parking areas, streets, plazas, shopping malls, walks, patios, and swimming pool decks. They have been popping up in many residential neighborhoods and some of our new favorite shopping and dining spots like the St Johns Town Center.

Many owners are taking it a step further and using permeable pavers. Permeable Pavers can help preserve our environment and the most preciouslocal resource of all - water. They reduce the amount of storm water runoff entering our natural waterways and carrying with it contaminants and pollutants.  The permeable pavers allow the water to naturally drain into the surface through the voids in the permeable pavers promoting the infiltration of rainwater. Infiltration can also reduce pollutant loading from vehicles. May contribute to LEED Credit SS 6.

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