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Retaining Wall Installation in Jacksonville

The practice of building retaining walls has been around for thousands of years. If you want to level a hilly area to enclose a decorative garden or construct a new driveway, you'll need retaining walls. Retaining walls can be built with virtually any solid material, The newest retaining wall systems are composed of segmental blocks that interlock, with no need for mortar. Many of these walls create a more usable and safer landscape for homeowner and commercial building.

Some of the mortarless are more appropriate for shorter walls than tall walls. These systems can add a nice decorative touch to a landscape by creating borders or a system of sloped terraces. Some systems feature blocks that have a lip on the lower edge that locks them together, creating a step effect. When the cavity behind the wall is filled with earth, the pressure pushes the blocks forward, strengthening the joints between the lips and the blocks beneath.

Other systems offer differing interlocking features, such as cast tongue-and-groove connections for additional structural integrity. Also available are systems that feature fiberglass pin systems. The pins insert between the blocks to ensure proper alignment and a strong mechanical connection between the units. With some of the pin systems, you can adjust the setback, or “batter,” of the wall system by inserting the pins into different holes.

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