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Using Retaining Walls in Your Landscape

As you go about planning to landscape your lawn and garden your primary consideration undoubtedly is coming up with a plan that will make your property as appealing and as attractive as possible. Beyond making your lawn and garden look lovely another goal associated with landscaping is preserving your property. In this regard, many properties require the construction of retaining walls.

Moderna retaining wall installation jacksonvilleHistorically, many people considered a retaining wall to be nothing more than a dreadful eyesore. The fact is that people reached this conclusion and held this opinion for a good reason. The typical retaining wall in years gone by was a concrete eyesore completely lacking in visual appeal and in pleasing aesthetics for a lawn and garden.

When it comes to retaining walls at your property today you really have two options available to you. First, you can select a retaining wall design that blends into your landscaping. The goal with this type of retaining wall is literally to conceal the fact it exists at all. While this certainly is an improvement over the type of retaining wall that was stark in its construction and that harmed the overall attractiveness and visual appeal of the property itself.

The second option that is available to you today when it comes to a retaining wall is to select a design concept that actually works to make the retaining wall not only a physical property enhancement but a visual one as well. In this regard, many landscape architects and consultants have elected to take the once dreaded retaining wall to a whole new level. In this regard, retaining walls are being designed and constructed in such a way that they attract attention because they are visually pleasing and add a significantly attractive element to the overall lawn and garden scheme.

Finally, you do want to keep in mind that a properly constructed retaining wall has the ability to enhance the value of your property in two different ways. First, a retaining wall preserves the property itself from erosion and other related problems (the traditional objective of a retaining wall as discussed previously). Second, a retaining wall can also add value to a property if it is designed in such a manner so as to be attractive in and of itself. In short, you need to appreciate that a retaining wall really can improve the value of your property in a number of different ways.

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