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Name: John Ford

Area of Town: Springfield

Type of service you received from Jacksonville Backyard or Partners: Pavers, Retaining or Seating Wall, Water Feature, Pergola or Gazebo, Design Consultation, Outdoor Lighting, Other

Review / Comments:

To Whom it may Concern:

After buying our period home (1909) in Springfield my wife and I decided to make some dramatic improvements to the outside. We hired Moderna Pavers based on this website, their website, job photos and numerous recommendations. We thought we had made a good choice but did not realize till later how good.

This was going to be a big project which would include a 120 foot paver driveway, paver walkway , pergola area including a circle kit, fountain pad and two 10 foot planters. We were wanting to go for an old St. Augustine-y look to the whole project in keeping with the historic nature of the property. We were not sure how to accomplish this until one of Moderna's design people, Linda, came out to view the property and listened to what I was wanting. That is when she came up with some really great ideas that flowed with the whole mood we were trying to create. She thought of things I never would have. I basically handed the whole project over to her. Linda coordinated with other companies (pergola, gas, electric, light, fountain etc) to layer the projects in order. It's amazing to know all the "stuff" that runs under the paver work that all had to be done first before the pavers could go in.

After much preparation and a few more visits out to the property the project began. They finished the whole construction part in just 2 1/2 days. It was a lot of work so this was amazing. The workers that came out to the site were indeed not "workers" but true artisans at their craft. At some point I thought I was watching Michaelangelo the way they were carving unbelievable designs out of just brick pavers and stone. It was quite amazing and exciting to watch.

When it was done the project turned out 2x as good as I had expected. I was very happy with the end result. What stood out most about Moderna was their eye for detail and the way Linda had genuine excitement about the project. I told the project foreman, Bruno, and he said, "yeah, she gets that way on every project. She is good.". The second thing that stood out was the true artistic genius that the layers possessed. These people were very skilled at this without a doubt. And third, the price was definitely justified in the quality of work.

Also, Moderna stands behind their work and if anything goes wrong or does not look right down the road they will correct it.

I highly recommend Moderna and Jacksonville Backyard to anyone who has an interest in improving any part of their outside with pavers or stone work.


John Ford

Overall Rating: Five Stars

Name: Lynne
Area of Town: Monument Rd Area
Type of service you received from Jacksonville Backyard: Pavers
Review / Comments: We really love our new patio. Thank you guys so much for your hard work and attention to detail!
Overall Rating: Five Stars

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