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Reccommended by Jacksonville Backyard: Water's Journey: The River Returns. A film and web documentary geared specifically to The River Returns project, as well as a comprehensive guide to additional water, agriculture and environmental resources that are relevant to The River Returns areas of focus.

About the Website: The extensive website features several sections for increased learning and awareness of the St Johns River and its tributaries. Here you can explore: "Protecting the St Johns River" "Visiting the St Johns River" and "Educators Resources" Continue to the Website

About the Film: For several weeks, a houseboat-based team of scientists and filmmakers explored the 310-mile length of Florida's St. Johns River to produce The River Returns film. View the film's trailer and experience what it's like to soar above the river in flying inflatable boats, drift on it at sunset in a kayak, dive below it in underwater caves and skim its surface through sawgrass marshes on airboats. At the same time, you'll learn about the impacts that threaten the river and what you can do to help protect it for future generations. Read More

The Water's Journey: The River Returns film is an original film by Karst Productions, Inc.

The River Returns web documentary is Copyright © Fusionspark Media, Inc.

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