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Choosing a Water Fountain

It’s said that the sound and feel of moving water can reduce stress, so it’s no big surprise that people are consistently adding water features to their backyard spaces. From swimming pools to a standard store-bought birdbath, water is a great addition to any hardscaped, landscaped and everything in between backyard. In this article, we’ll focus on fountains – from the lavish and extravagant to the Do-It-Yourself.

Wall fountains can be a grand focal point for your garden entryway or hardscaped wall. Most are made from concrete, fiberglass, copper, cast stone and sandstone with a wide variety of stains and washes and are refired to protect the finish. Choose from cherubs, lion heads, shells and seahorses to trickle the water into a bowl that is then circulated back through the fountain.  

Tabletop fountains are usually considered an indoor accessory, but many are made weatherproof and can be functional in your backyard space. According to Feng Shui principles, a tabletop fountain is believed to bring positive energy into your life. They can range from simple, bamboo structures to a large, intricate three-tiered stone water feature.

Birdbaths may not be considered a fountain, but they are a great addition to any backyard and can range from a simple, store-bought version to an elaborate model purchased through your area hardscape professional. Choose from raccoons, grapes, orchids, climbing roses and doves to attract local wildlife to an outdoor, fresh water source. 

Garden fountain can be a great idea for pet-owners. If put at ground level, your pet may consider the fountain a big water dish, bathtub or even a swimming pool. Choose from a one-tier, three-tier, jar or lily pad fountain in a variety of colors and styles.

For Do-It-Yourself fountains, check out online sites like hgtv.com and diyideas.com for ideas on how to build a backyard fountain to fit your budget and skill level.

FYI: Most fountains have adjustable pumps, so you can change the desired flow and noise level. If you live near a major roadway or just have noisy neighbors, let the sound of flowing water drown out unwanted sounds around you.

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